The Futaleufu River: Class V Adrenaline, 5 Star Comforts

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View Enlargement We are intent on providing you with an experience in Patagonia that will surpass your wildest expectations! From the exciting rafting on the Futaleufú and Azul rivers to horseback riding up pristine glacier-fed river valleys, from daily yoga classes to receiving a relaxing massage, from mountain biking to soaking in a riverside hot tub with a glass of wine, we°òve found the ideal way for you to satisfy your desire to explore, be active and relax all on the same trip. Our daily program is flexible so that you can choose to do your favorite activities to your hearts content.

We entertain a broad spectrum of ages and appetites for adventure and adrenaline.

MundacaThe Futaleufu, (which means "Big River" in the local Mapuche dialect) with its aqua blue water, alpine setting, and combination of large waves and boulders, is a rafter's playland. The water is comfortable, wetsuits are necessary only on cool days and the rapids are long with large pools after almost every one.

Although the Class V rapids, including Cañon del Infierno, Terminator, Casa de Piedra, and the Throne Room, are among the most spectacular and difficult in the world, they can be avoided by easy hiking. The raftable section of river is about 40 miles, and multiple access points allow us to break the trip into sections with different levels of difficulty. This makes it possible to tailor each day's rafting to the comfort level and desires of the participants.

Duckies and the Rio AzauThe Futaleufu region is not a tourist destination. The people there make their living as they have for generations. Foreign travellers are still a novelty and are welcomed as guests.

The Futaleufu region is full of spectacular mountain lakes and streams. We have included time in the itinerary to experience these areas as well. We will also have options available for single and multi-day hikes. Choices include trekking to the Tres Monjas, the most spectacular spires in the area, or overnight hikes to remote lakes and alpine valleys. For those interested, kayaking may be available on the class II-III Río Espolón.